Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After researching careers in the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources cluster, you should be making connections between those careers and your day to day life. How does each of the two careers you learned about relate to your life? How does each of those careers relate to our community? How do they relate to, fit in to, or affect our nation in general? My two careers were Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists and Animal Scientists. They both relate to my everyday life because when I get older I want to become a vet and these two careers both connect with a vet. They are also used in my everyday life because they discover new things for the teachers to teach me about with they are and how they originated and all that good stuff. So these are used to inform the teachers about new and interesting things to teach their students as well as themselves. They might even discover things that they have never thought about. Both of the careers relate to our community because they help the Vet's of our community learn and read about the different kinds of parasites and diseases that could harm your animal and it is their job to try and inform us about the ones that could harm us.


  1. This is very good both your careers relate to the career that you want to become. I think that you answered the question very well.

  2. It is very good and helpful that you found a career in this cluster that relates to your chosen career. We need these types of careers to make sure our wildlife is safe.