Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When thinking about Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics it makes me think of how important this career cluster is to our economy. In what way do you think the cluster contributes to/effects our nation's economy? Please describe your two careers in this cluster first. How do you think each of your two careers in this cluster contribute to/effect our nation's economy? How does this cluster contribute to/effect the other clusters you have completed research in? It gets people from place to place, but it also gets people jobs. I had a Dispatcher and a Cleaners of Vehicle and Equipment. A dispatcher tells the vehicle here they need to go and sometimes they have to do this fairly quick if they are dispatching a route like an Ambulance or a Fire Squad. They have to know when someone calls in the fire/emergency. A dispatcher is very important because they have to get the imformation to the appopriate place. So, everyone that, that dispatcher is giving imformation to it is their job to get it to the people in time for them to get to the accident and/or the fire. A Cleaner of Vehicle and Equipment is my second career. These people have to make sure that the equipment and things are clean on the inside and out. They are important because, if say there was a fire and the fire truck was a disaster on the inside their would not be enough room for all the people that need to fit into the truck. So these two careers have a large impact on the economy today.

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